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Catch up With Jacob Colon After His Heavyweight Release ‘Desert Storm’

Over the last 18 months, Jacob Colon has proved to be a force to be reckoned with through a string of club-bound anthems chopped full of that famous percussive and rhythmic groove Jacob has built his career from. He is without a doubt emerging as one of the most reliable and talented Producers in his format.

Jacob has quickly picked up traction within the industry after a series of heavyweight releases that have reached global audiences, including releases like ‘Don’t Stop’ released on Nervous Records that’ll no doubt take place alongside his ever-growing discography of top of the class productions like ‘Desert Storm,’ which comes to you via Made 2 Move Records. We caught up with Jacob Colon with a ‘Behind The Scenes’ interview to get an insight of his thought process when producing ‘Desert Storm’.

Tell us the inspiration behind ‘Desert Storm’?
I was inspired to create something melodic that carries a mysterious ambiance.

What main goal did you have while making this track?
The main focus was to create a song with tonnes of energy in the drop. I think I definitely accomplished that with this one.

How long did it take you to make ‘Desert Storm’?
I’m not sure on the amount of time, but it wasn’t too long. It only took a few seconds to create the melody. I think I was messing around with the keys and the melody came right away.

Do you feel your music has developed over the past year?
I certainly do. With more time in the studio this past year, I’ve definitely improved my skills in mixing and have expanded my skills into other genres.

Was there a moment in the production process when you thought ‘this is going to be good’?
Yes, when I found the vocal chant used in the beginning of the song. That set the tone for the rest of the track

Did you face any creative struggles with the track at all?
Not on this one. I created the melody pretty quick once I had the drums locked in.

Which part of ‘Desert Storm’ is your favourite?
My favourite part is the initial build up after the vocal chant in the beginning of the song. I love how the strings build into the first drop.

Who would you love to see supporting this track?
Claptone. He’s one of the house music GOATs.

What other projects have you got on the horizon?
I am currently working on a few projects with Latin artists outside of house music. Stay tuned….

Finally, where can we go to grab a copy of ‘Desert Storm’?
All audio platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Beatport, etc.)

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