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Check out Mon.Veloper’s brand new tune ‘Sleep’ on Lakota Raw

After working together on several releases and The Enveloper becoming a staple on the Lakota imprint, Mon.Ton and The Enveloper have joined forces to bring together their incredibly dark and inviting Techno stylings into one identity. Mon.Veloper have releases their debut tune ‘Sleep’ on Lakota Raw and it is aggressive, chaotic and down-right spine-tingling.

There definitely isn’t anything sleepy about this release. The track is consumed in sultry vocals, a forceful drive and a constant rising in pressure that leads the intensity into a whole other universe. With both artists making waves of their own right in their solo endeavours with releases such as ‘Wicked’ and ‘Aphrodite ve Myrrah’ this collab is very exciting and after the reaction from their debut ‘Sleep’, this new duo is expected to be highly sought after.

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