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Check out Naizon’s brand new single ‘Midnight’

After the success of some of his previous releases like ‘Dance It’ and ‘Golden Cage’, Naizon is back with a brand new single called ‘Midnight’. Deeper, darker and heavier vibe, Naizon dedicates this tune to the ravers as this hard-hitting Tech House tune has tones of attitude that’s perfect for a late-night rave.

Featuring aggressive grooves and stand out synth melodies, Naizon plays no games as the ferocity continues and constantly ramps up the energy throughout, adding excitement and euphoria until the beat drops and sends the track into a different dimension.

This is a slightly different sound from what we have heard from Naizon in the past as he shows off his diversity and range. Hoping to hear more peak-time bangers from Naizon, this year is looking to be incredible for the Italian DJ and producer.

Naizon’s ‘Midnight’ is out now.


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