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Damian Force drops brand new single ‘Hot’ on DOT Dance Recordings

Damian Force releases a brand new single called ‘Hot’ that boasts a classic House vibe with driving beats, a pumping bassline and a hearty helping of percussion. Soulful vocals remain a focal point in the release as they dance across the track with ease as its silky tones and insanely catchy lyrics will have you vibing along.

Taking things to the next level, a tidal wave of gritty synths take over with an infectious melody. The drop showcases Damian’s range of talents as it harnesses a groove like no other before taking ‘Hot’ into a spacious midsection, only to kick back in with an even deeper second drop.

Damian Force has been responsible for hits such as ‘Where Is Your Love’, ‘Barbarian Love’ and ‘All Right’. His releases have consistently topped charts such as Beatport, iTunes and National Airplay and we’re hoping to see ‘Hot’ do the same thing!

‘Hot’ is out now DOT Dance Recordings.


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