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Discover the Unique Vibes of DJ Dris’ ‘Sun Will Shine Again’

DJ Dris unleashes another original production with the release of his newest Afro House single, ‘Sun Will Shine Again’ featuring Vocalist Zack Goffe. With each release, DJ Dris raises the bar of his creativity, elevating his sound as he incorporates more innovative ways to ensure his music impacts listeners. Now, with this new single, set for release via Born Digital Music, DJ Dris once again puts forward a captivating production, curating a thoughtful and driving instrumental backdrop for Zack Goffe’s vocals to shine against. 

Throughout his musical journey, DJ Dris has taken opportunities to express his sonic individualism and present his unique musical perspective; having acted as a radio show host, podcast presenter, along with rapper, DJ Dris has appeared with a bold creative approach, now taking the time to build his own catalogue of works as he offers original music for listeners worldwide to discover. With a signature sound that sits between Afro House, Afro Beats, and House, all the while blending in elements from genres like Drill and Tribal House, DJ Dris’ passion for music creation remains evident throughout his work, giving way to powerful productions and energetic live shows.  

With this latest release offering yet another immersive listening experience from the talented DJ and Producer, ‘Sun Will Shine Again’ emerges as a powerful example of the sonic vibrancy and affinity to rhythm and melody that remains rooted within DJ Dris’ signature sound. As punchy beats build the rhythmic soundscape of the track, Zack Goffe soon joins to add wordless vocal lines that drive the track forward, with pulsing synths and full-bodied pads entering to add further harmonic colour to ‘Sun Will Shine Again’. With the potent rhythms and the bold vocal lines taking centre stage throughout the production, the listening journey of ‘Sun Will Shine Again’ delivers laid-back vibes, creating relaxed energy that makes the track the ideal addition to genre lovers’ playlists worldwide.   

Continuously showing no signs of slowing down and remaining consistent with his release schedule, DJ Dris no doubt maintains his status as a talent to keep an eye on within the realm of Electronic Music today. So, be sure to stay up to date with him by following him across social media, as DJ Dris is guaranteed to bring more compelling music to listeners again soon. ‘Sun Will Shine Again’ is out now via Born Digital Music and is available to stream and download across platforms. 


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