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Ed.E – Prophecy

Canadian production-whizz Eddie Edwardson, better known by his Ed.E moniker has been rumbling on the underground for a while now with a steady stream of sturdy productions that have passed through a number of emerging labels and quality imprints. His refined sound this month passes through 3xA Music for the release of the two-tracker EP ‘Prophecy’ in which Ed.E puts a stamp on the backend of 2019 in his usual fine form.

Kicking off the EP is ‘Outrageous’, a 122BPM sub bass showcase that harks back to classic Minimal percussive tendencies with a thunderous low end power surge that derives from a medley of earthy kick drums and sub-bass synths that engulfs the subwoofers like a black hole. The sprawling synths creep and crawl over the drums and bass providing a sense of contrast from the heavy bass before a break gives pause to the sub-content before slamming back into the main-body which mechanically bounces through a hypnotic arrangement.

The title track ‘Prophecy’ adds extra dimensions of organic claps and sultry reverberations on the melodic synths to create drama and tension over the lower end synths. There’s more high frequency rhythm via hi hats and percussive elements in this track and the melodic content through the mids and lows are more prominent than the previous track. A broken, mutated square wave lead fills out the breaks and fire discordant notes into a glitchy melody that rips back into the main body where it all comes together for the payoff.

It’s another classy EP from a producer that is earning respect with peers and becoming a reliable source of quality releases that are equal parts dancefloor ready and perfect for the headphones for the full spectrum experience. 2020 looks good for Eddie as he moves into the next decade with plenty more music to come down the pipeline.

Prophecy is out now on 3xA Music.

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