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Faraday Drops Brand New Track ‘TMI’

Kicking off 2021 with a bang, aspiring music DJ and producer Faraday is back with his first release of the year- and there is no room for disappointment. His new track TMI demonstrates that it’s not all rainy days in his home state of Seattle through his incorporation of captivating melodies, paired with entrancing vocals to tie it all together. Faraday has demonstrated his raw and natural talent for music through his appearances at USC Events and prominent features at Foundation Nightclub, to which he has accumulated almost a million total plays on his productions. Through his work, Faraday embodies the idea that electronic music has no borders and boundaries as he seamlessly combines elements of trance, house, and techno.

Faraday continues to impress with his new track TMI, which showcases his ability to merge catchy melodies in synchronicity with a progressive acid-styled bassline to deliver pure bliss. As he takes us with him on a unique journey through sound, he evokes feelings of atmospheric euphoria as we float along each cord pattern. It serves to be reminiscent of the trance scene with an exciting modern twist incorporated through his inclusion of immaculate synth work and overall infectious vibe. With his downtempo-styled sound, he is a true emulation of the cloud-house genre he is delving into.

Following on from his previous successful hits such as ‘Gold Chariot’ and ‘Star Dance’, Faraday proves to be a product of his introspective knowledge and love for all things EDM. To further cement his prowess as a producer/DJ, he has received official support from Armin Van Buuren, who is one of the most notorious DJs in the game with a shared admiration from house lovers across the globe. It is undeniable that Faraday has a keen sense for talent and will continue to shape the music industry by carving his exclusive sound into it. With this being his first release of 2021, we are counting on Faraday to continue into the year with more great releases.

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