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Guestmix: Delusive Relics

Delusive Relics’ music can only be described as a complex blend of Electronic, Synth Pop, Industrial and Dark Ambient influences. Made up of Frank Nik and Anis Oveisi, the duo has spent the last 15 years as musicians in a Rock band together and have begun a new chapter delving deep into depths of electronic music. Here they have put together a mixtape of 12 of their favourite tracks along with some of their own thrown in too.

Delusive Relics Online


1.Depeche Mode : Dream on
2.Depeche Mode : Free Love
3.Aquaspace : Sunrise
4.akira yamaoka theme of Laura reprise
5.Akira Yamaoka : Elle’s Theme
6.Marry Elizabeth Mcglynn: O.R.T
7.Delusive Relics : Lost
8.Delusive Relics : Come with me now
9.Depeche Mode : It’s no good
10.Enigma : push the limits
11.Enigma: Following the sun
12.Enigma : Gravity of Love



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