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Hectic and Melleefresh Deliver an Electrifying Banger with ‘Squeeze Me’

Hectic and Melleefresh join forces to present their latest collaboration, a genre-defying House track titled ’Squeeze Me’ through Play Records. Blending elements from House, Techno and Trap, this hard-hitting release showcases the best of Hectic and Melleefresh’s sound; and while this is not the first collaboration of these two talented artists, having released the tracks ‘Push’, ’Todos’ and ‘Snap It’ together in the past, this new production aims to reach new milestones for them, presenting a highly-energetic production ready to hit dancefloors all over the world. 

Hectic, known for his powerful sound and style that has seen him experiment and release tracks with different genres; ranging from Dubstep, to Glitch Hop, to Garage and UK Bass music, receiving radio support from DJs on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Kiss FM, XFM, Sub FM and Reprezent Radio, is ready to display his skills as a Producer with this fresh production that continues to defy Electronic music genre limits, delivering a dancefloor-ready unmissable hit featuring multi-faceted DJ/Producer Melleefresh. 

On ‘Squeeze Me’, a steady and upbeat House beat meets an uplifting and shiny synth line that starts the listening journey; soon Melleefresh’s signature vocals take the center stage, guiding the energetic party. Hard-hitting Trap rhythmic fills and an intense synth lead motif take the party to a next level, as the groovy underlying bassline supports the track’s low-end throughout the track, giving it a powerful and driving vibe.‘Squeeze Me’ features a perfect match between Hectic and Melleefresh’s sound, delivering a highly-energetic listening experience to its listeners. 

Make sure to follow Hectic and Melleefresh across social media to remain updated on their latest projects, live performances and releases, as they hint more unmissable productions in the near future. ’Squeeze Me’ is out now via Play Records and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

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