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Interview: DJ Phonon

DJ Phonon is continuing to impress this year with how many releases of high quality he has managed to show off. The latest, ‘Don’t Want To Be Friends’ with vocalist C.Brooks, is a departure from his usual sound but a nice change, and certainly still has all the highlights of his usual work. WE wanted to get some more information about the producer for those who haven’t heard of him, so here is a background check on DJ Phonon!

Hey! What was the song/artist/moment that made you get in to music?

I was 7 years old when I came home from school with a musical instrument. I’m not sure what I was thinking but I haven’t looked back.

Was there an Electronic music track that got you in to the scene?

I’m not sure the point in which I really got in to Electronic music, I think it was more when I started traveling and started writing music on my laptop more that was the turning point. I have always listened to many different genres and I find good in all of them.

Where did you discover your passion for DJing and producing?

I’ve been recording music and writing music from a very young age, I have always been fascinated with sound and as time moved on my passion grew even more and now I’m 100% addicted to it.

What was the first release that blew your socks off?

I’m still waiting for that one, I think it will be released soon!

What inspired your first release/ first show?

Just the love of music!

Has there been a show/track which has changed your life and the course of your musical career?

Not yet!

Finally, what do you think makes your work unique?

I think where I have traveled a lot; I have many Influences from around the world.


Thanks! Give us one song that we should all check out?

Check out my latest track featuring C.Brooks ‘Don’t Want To Be Friends’

DJ Phonon Online:

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