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Introducing The Lords

Bringing the French House scene to London, Tony Cortez and Romaan have joined forces and creating a brand new House duo called ‘The Lords’. With over 15 years of DJ’ing experience between the two of them they have been setting clubs on fire with their sets, currently working on new music and establishing their new identity, we caught up with The Lords to find out more about them.


For those who don’t know, introduce yourself and genre?

Tony: We are a House Music duo called The Lords. Tony Cortez and Romaan, we are two French DJ and producers. We’ve been working together on the project The Lords for about a year now.


Tell us a bit about how you met and when you decided to create ‘The Lords’?

Romaan: We almost fought the first time we met! That’s not true but we didn’t like each other at the first. We met few years ago in our hometown back in France. We decided to create the duo The Lords when I moved in London. Tony had already been in the UK for a few years. We both produce music on our own and one day we just decided to put our skills together to create our music with our own identity.


How would you describe yourself as a duo and your musical style? 

Romaan: We both have our own competences. Tony has a lot of experience as a live DJ, he knows how to make people dance, how to translate a vibe into a track. I’m more on the producer side as I’ve been working in studio for ages.


Tony: In terms of production, Romaan is the most experienced. But we always do everything together anyway and the most important thing is that we are doing what we love. I think we do complete each other.

Our main goal is to make people dance, obviously our musical style is House, but our focus is to take people on a journey with our music.


Both being successful in your own right, what do you have planned for ‘The Lords’?

Tony: The first thing we planned is to be limitless haha! We’d like to touch people and be remembered by our tracks and by our live sets.


When can we expect to hear debut music from you? 

Romaan: Hopefully next month, we’ve got some good music coming.


Who are your inspirations? 



Tony: I guess, Axwell has impressed us both. When we started our individual careers Axwell was THE DJ at this point. Not only because his music but also with his live performances.


Both of you are used to being soloists, what’s it like working with each other? 

Romaan: It’s a massive mess! It’s two times more trouble haha! Individually, you do your music, your style it works for some people but didn’t work for me. Working as a duo bring more ideas, it’s faster when you go in the same directions.


Tony: It can work two times faster as it can go two times slower. The main key is to communicate. Sometimes we won’t agree, sometimes we will. That’s why working as a duo is interesting, it pushes you to do even better every time.


Who would be your dream collaboration?

Romaan: Axwell obviously! He embodies everything we love in House music.


What’s the best DJ set you have ever seen?

Romaan: To be honest I haven’t seen a lot of artists, but I love Erick Morillo’s set.


Tony: I’m a big fan of Roger Sanchez; I also went to see Morillo. The one that was absolutely incredible was Laidback Luke. He has this capacity to adapt himself to the place he’s DJ’ing at; it’s such a huge strength. I mean you can play in front of 20 thousand people and the vibe will be there, and you can play in a small club in front of 200 people. The way you adapt yourself in front of the crowd is impressive


Where can we go to keep up to date with The Lords?

Romaan: We’ll be playing at the next Divina after party in June and you can also keep up to date on our socials below.


The Lords Online


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