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Lenell Brown releases Don’t Waste It

Lenell Brown has become something of a staple in the dance scene has he as undertaken vocal duties for artists such as The Zombie Kids, Robbie Rivera and Fonsi Nieto, along with constantly delivering sensation dance tracks with his trusty aides Ben Mühlethaler and James who are both award-winning producers with an extensive and hugely popular back catalogue of music.

Working with these two powerhouses yet again, ‘Don’t Waste It’ is a feel-good dance song with sing-a-long lyrics, funky basslines and catchy melodies making for the perfect track to play on a sunny day. Lenell’s vocals are s silky and smooth as ever as it takes centre stage. You are also treated to another version of the track which has been titled the ‘Ibiza Chill Mix’ which will certainly have you reminiscing of times spent on the White Isle and the beautiful sunsets on the island.

Don’t Waste It is out now on Spain’s Clipper’s Sound. This release epitomises the sound of the summer!


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