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Lucky Jesus Unleashes ‘Kick Ur Bass’ EP

Lucas and Jesus – better known as Lucky Jesus when together have carved out a reputation for their charismatic and self-proclaimed “hypnotic, yet funked-out” discography. The pair are clear-minded and forward-thinking in their production style which takes on a creative and underground-facing barrage of Tech House which interlaces with other inspirations to edge out the potential variance that is possible within the confines of the underground House music world.

Rolling into the new year and decade with energy – the duo release their red hot ‘Kick Ur Bass’ EP which arrives this month on DataTech via Big Mama’s House Records. The lead track featuring S/A/M is a classic Tech House club weapon, driven with groove-centric hats and percussion that do the rhythmic work whilst being reinforced with classic drum machine claps and snares that rock out over the punchy kicks. The unnatural, robotic vocal phrases hover over the top of the gurgling bassline, lifting up with reverbs and chops to handle the tension and release which is usually met with a dancefloor-ready ride cymbal pattern and a flurry of white noise and FX doing the backing work.

‘Lucky Day’ follows the underground pattern of the EP with a double dose of Tribal energy through rolling percussive elements, shakers and synthetic drums which do the groove work over a signature style bassline. Vocal hits cut in from the background interrupting the more Techno-centric lead synth which bursts out a tasty mono pattern to tease the crowds into new sections of the production. The key parts come in the breaks where the energy levels are launched into the sky before a devastating kick and synth combo handle the drops with precision.

Wrapping up the EP is ‘Lola Turbo’ which switches up the signature sound for something more melodically percussive with a fast tempo burst of percussive hits which tighten and loosen from the beat grid with offkey timings to create a trippy atmosphere that intensifies into the breaks which unleash shamanic vocals to create a dark and twisted atmosphere for the re-entry of the bass and drums – a fine track to wrap up this very reliable EP.

It’s a tight and heavy-hitting package from Lucky Jesus who have clearly started 2020 with an intention to make big strides into the new year and beyond.

‘Kick Ur Bass’ EP is available now from all leading electronic music stores.

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