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Manu P & Federico Rosa Present a Hot Mix Featuring Some of Their Favourites of The Year

We bid farewell to 2022 in the best way we know how: with music. This time, Manu P & Federico Rosa have prepared a powerful mix of their Top 10 best songs of the year. Press play and get ready to welcome 2023! 

Manu P 

These are 10 songs that represent what I’m playing and what I like right now. We go from more House sounds to more Techno and pressing rhythms. It’s exactly what the scene and people want right now, in my opinion. 


  1. Marco Tropeano, Sam Koperberg – Libertad  
  2. Federico Rosa – Sensation 
  3. Rsquared – Thinkin’ 
  4. Francis de Simone – This is Underground  
  5. Carlo – Esta Pegao  
  6. Classmatic, guerrA – Los Patrones 
  7. Mattia Rossi – Besame La Boca 
  8. Black Hawks of Panama, Bici – Nobody but you (Sidney Charles remix)  
  9. Matt Guy – Party Starter 
  10. Eli Brown – Rudeboi 

Federico Rosa  


  1. Bizen Lopez – Made to Impress  
  2. Hauswerks, Solo Tamas – Flash Life 
  3. Tomi&Kesh – Smash Babylon 
  4. Rendher – Luff it 
  5. Dimmish – Groovin Ya 
  6. Federico Rosa – The Party is Back 
  7. Niteplan – Timeless 
  8. Mene, Dmitri Said – Calientee 
  9. Chris Lorenzo, COBRAH – MAMI (SOSA remix) 
  10. Kidoo –  Saved DJ 

These are 10 tracks that reflect the style I currently play and I’ve played them in the order I feel give the best push to the dance floor. I’m not a DJ who only plays charting tracks, but I make an effort to search more ‘unknown’ music which I feel give a deeper dimension to my sets.

I can’t consider this a proper Top 10, but more so a collection of tracks that are trendy at the moment within my genre. Lastly, I’ve also included one of my own tracks called ‘The Party Is Back’ which will be coming out in January 2023. Enjoy the mix! 


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