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subduxtion Drops Brand New EP ‘Deep Space’

Subduxtion has been making a name for himself as a reliable Producer of some of the best up and coming electronic music in the business. Operating out of Kansas City, Missouri – he’s gone well beyond regional borders with his work as he earns a gradually expanding global following of listeners that are getting hooked on to his creative outputs. Returning to his reliable label base at Milligrid Records – a place he’s called home for previous releases, the talented artist knows that he’s in good hands for his upcoming ‘Deep Space’ release on the imprint.

Kicking off the EP is the lead track ‘Deep Space’ which kicks into life with a flurry of atmospheric layers over a thudding kick drum and shuffled hi hats that set the scene for an eerie Techno vibe that is lower in the BPM range whilst carrying a menacing vibe that will work on any underground loving dancefloor. Synths and keys fill the back and sides of the stereo spectrum and dynamic percussive rhythms scatter over the kick and bass, competing for the attention of the bass range. The middle break lets loose of the rhythm and allows the kick drum and sub bass to breathe, a short break of air is abruptly interrupted as the main bass, kicks and rhythm back control for the main event of the track. It’s a heady mixture of bass, atmospheric layers and creative synth work that crafts a dreamy picture that’ll work equally well on the dancefloor or lost in your thoughts in headphones.

Second up we have ‘Strange Feeling’, which switches the vibe to a more tribal rhythm with a heavier emphasis on synth over bass. The syncopated percussive groove floats over the kick drum to create the movement which will control the crowd and keep a steady rhythm on the dancefloor. Modulated chords float across the background behind the main elements of the production to provide texture and sonic depth whilst the kick and bass demand the majority share of your attention. A trippy percussive melody creates for a dramatic switch from the main body of the track for a brief but memorable passage. If the lead track is for the main room, the flipside is perfect for the afterhours affairs. This offers a perfect complimentary addition to the lead track and a superb way to wrap up a beautifully produced EP.

Milligrid Records have become a staple in the electronic music sphere for over a decade now, bringing through some of the hottest emerging Producers and Artists that have reached their HQ out of Philadelphia, USA. With such a long history behind them and a bright future ahead, subduxtion is and will be right at home amongst the best that the impressive label has to offer. 

Listen To Deep Space:–3XuNpQDS6wl8x_y60qQ

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