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Summer of 2019 with the Vessbroz

The Vessbroz are made up Armia and Arsham, two brothers who merge their musical talents to produce well thought out, melodic music that touches audiences in all corners of the globe. Some of their achievements include an album release with Sony Records titled ‘Lost’, landing a top 100 spot in the Netherlands’ album chart and their single ‘Nothing’ reaching the top 40 position on the US Billboard Chart for 7 weeks.


With their own record label and widely successful radio show, the Vessbroz are certainly ones to keep an eye on this year! We caught up with the boys to find out a little more about them and what they love most about summer.


What’s your favourite thing about summer?

The energy and the atmosphere that surrounds cities also people always seem to have a good vibe about them in the summer. Of course, Music Festivals are another favourite part of summer for us.


Best summer festival?

Wow, there are so many good festivals! We think Tomorrowland is an incredible festival and they do a really great job. Especially with their stage designs and camping style that brings people together out in nature.


What’s your best summertime memory?

Playing a set at Serbia’s Exit Festival, one of the major European Music festivals was one of our best summertime memories! We had so much fun and we were so connected with our crowd.


Top 3 songs to play when it’s sunny?

  1. Somebody by Us Vessbroz
  2. Sunny Days by Armin van Buuren
  3. Summer by Calvin Harris


Dream holiday destination?

Ibiza and Hawaii


Do you prefer playing gigs in the summer or winter?

Both are fun actually; it is nice to play in winter because dancing warms you up and you have the option to go outside and cool off which is always nice. But of course, there are so many times when bad weather ruins the fun so because of that I’ll choose summer.


Chilling at the beach or laying by the pool?

Chilling at the beach for sure


Best food to have in the summer?

BBQ with a beer next to the beach


Go to drink when it’s hot?

Cold water or Beer!


What’s your top tip for staying cool?

Take off your shirts and take lots of ice baths!


What plans do you have career-wise this Summer?

Wow, summer plans!!!! I even don’t know where to start! We have quite a few collaborations on the way. We’ve paired up with a range of artists from all over; they’ll be coming very soon!

We’ve also got a few of the songs signed to some top dance labels so we’re hoping to dominate some of the music being played across some festivals this summer. Also at the moment, we are planning to shoot 4 music videos, it’s going to be a cool project because all of the artists we’ve worked with are all coming together for this shoot.


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