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We caught up with the Vessbroz to discuss their future

Over the past year, the Vessbroz has seen releases on major labels such as Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings with their collaboration with Mark Voss called ‘Follow Me’, and have worked with Sony Music and Blanco y Negro who worked with David Guetta in the earlier stage of his career. They fuse their traditional concept of music and Persian heritage with the modern sounds of electronic music to produce an individualistic style that is clearly taking the industry by storm. We caught up with Armia and Arsham to discuss how they’ve got to where they are and their plans for the future.


Give us 3 predictions of life in 2030?

  1. 3D clubs are going to be extremely popular.
  2. Cars are going to drive by themselves. We have that technology already but it’s not common to see it on the street, but it’s probably going to be!
  3. There is going to be music software or painting software that transfers what you think or vision into reality.


What is at the top of your bucket list?

Being an inspiring artist, someone that youngsters could look up to in their hard times and remind them they can achieve whatever they want.


Looking back over the years, how do you think your sound has developed?

We started with funny music and our quality wasn’t very good at all. Then, we started to make pop music and our songs started to sound better day by day, once we had better skill in sound design, songwriting, mixing and mastering we started to make more of EDM sounds such as Big Room and Progressive House. Now our sound has become more mature as we’ve developed our signature sound and make the music that we really love. You are going to hear that a lot in our future releases.


How do you think your music will sound in the future?

Well, 5 years ago we never thought of we are going to make the sound that we are making today. So, who knows what we are going to make in the future! One thing for sure is that we are following our feelings and we let our hearts guide us, we love music and that is the most important thing for us.


Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?

We believe in what we do, and we enjoy the road. We are improving our self every day so for sure we are going to be way further in our career. Hopefully, win one or two Grammys along the way 😊


With technological advancements, what do you think DJing and producing will be like in the future?

Well, technology opens lots of doors, but it also makes the competition harder because more people can achieve a great result with the help of technology and we always have to work harder and be updated.


What personal goals do you wish to achieve?

We would love to receive a Grammy award one day for sure. Besides that, we would love to have a record label to help others who have dreams!


Tell us about some plans you already have in the pipeline?

We are going to open up our life story for the first time and share about ups and downs with videos. We are also working on an album that is about our story and its a really important project for us. We are going to have many new releases as well with our new sound. We are super excited to share that with the world. Lastly our radio show EP100 is around the corner and after that episode, we are going to make some changes to our radio show, and it is going to be a new chapter for that too.


Lastly, what message do you want to leave for your future self?

You deserve it!


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