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1 0 0 1 – 1 0 0 1

1 0 0 1 touch down with a new five-track self-titled package that invites you into the creative and left-field minds of the artists.

1 0 0 1 are operating out of London and describe their project as Electro-Eclectic, a custom genre-tag for a project that deserves one due to the original and creative nature of their work. It’s tough to come through with a signature style in modern electronic music, but 1 0 0 1 are onto something fresh and exciting here. We’re picking up subtle shades of Die Antwoord in the eerie vocals, but the combination of quirky, original and clever production with everything from abstract drum programming to sporadic synth hits and off-beat melodies – it all comes together to create a signature sound that’s highly original and memorable.

‘Centre of The Universe’ kicks off the EP with an early-Dubstep style LFO lead over a smothering of rolling Trap-esque hi-hats and deep sub bass hits. ‘In A Row’ delivers a more vocal-led essence with a sultry synth chord progression carrying the stripped back drums. ‘Cut The Crap’ carries a infectious vocal chorus contrasted with skippy beats and blasts of detuned Trance-like leads over their signature style drum blasts. ‘The Innocence’ throws a hyperactive gated super-saw lead over minimal beats and emotive vocal hits. The fifth and final track is their previously released ‘Lila’ – a haunting production and vocal hate-letter to Lila. The synths are almost symmetric to older UK-Grime styles and it wraps up this package that proves that original electronic music in 2018 is alive and well.

The whole package merges into a thorough and concise package that delivers a refreshing vibe that’s unique and interesting. We look forward to hearing more from this talented linkup project as we move into 2019 and beyond.

‘1 0 0 1’ is available now on Milky Bomb Records.

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