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End Of Year Review 2018

End Of Year Review 2018 with Novado

To mark the end of 2018, The Rave Exchange is travelling the world to reflect on the year of a series of DJs and Producers from every corner of the planet. From summer memories to personal achievements – we dig deep into the past 12 months and discuss future plans of some of our favourite emerging talents.

Artist Name: Novado

Highlight of 2018: Playing a packed Velice Beach in Spain at 6 in the morning!

Happy memory from this summer: Taking breaks from producing to go to the beach with friends.

Happy memory from this winter: Playing my favourite venue back home in Stockholm with all my good friends there to support me.

The most difficult thing you’ve done this year: Saying no to gigs to have more time to make music.

This time last year you were… DJ’ing nonstop, I think I played 20 gigs in December last year.

Your new year’s resolution last year: To focus more on making music rather than playing gigs.

How long did it last? I tried to stick to it for most of the year.

Your new year’s resolution this year: Do more collaborations.

How long is it going to last? All year hopefully!

Your musical goal for 2019: Have my original tracks released on certain labels.

A new skill or hobby you’d like to get into: Producing Hip-Hop/RnB

Your dream Christmas present: A Pioneer RMX-1000

Favourite festive food: Christmas turkey!

Your NYE plans: Celebrating with friends back home in Stockholm, it will be the first NYE in a good while that I’m not DJing!

Public figure of the year: Cardi B

Movie/TV show of the year: I honestly don’t watch movies or TV shows

Artist or label to watch in 2019: Scott Forshaw & Greg Stainer in the House scene, I’m predicting Loud Luxury to become a pretty big mainstream act in 2019 too.

Song of the year that you were involved with: Push The Feeling On (Novado Remix)

Song of the year that you were not involved with: ‘Tenderlove’ by Dannic

Something you learned in 2018: The easier way is always the better way!

A prediction about the world in 2019: We’ll be using voice control and speech recognition a lot more.

And lastly, your favourite Christmas song: Ariana Grande – Santa Tell Me


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