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2021 Evolutions & Revolutions With Naizon

DJ and Producer Naizon is starting the new year hot and heavy with exclusive Tech-House slammers that are bursting with energy and bringing that club vibe to people everywhere with its storming, funky elements. His latest single ‘Stay Up’ proves to be an unmatched vibe that features a pumping bassline that gets your toe tapping from the get-go whilst the funky beat keeps you wanting more. With more coming up in the new year, we caught up with Naizon to find out more about what’s in store for us:


How are you feeling going into the new year?

I’m feeling confident and very optimistic. I have few projects that I’m working on at the moment and cool releases coming out.


What is your new year’s resolution going forward? (personal and professional)

My personal resolution would be to find time to exercise more and get fit again. Professionally, my resolution would be to hopefully be able to build my own production studio and release some awesome bangers.


What plans do you have for your career this year?

Collaborate with new DJs and produce a Tech-House track that will get viral!


How do you feel you’ve developed over the past year?

I have developed a great deal in the past year. I have gained more experience in the studio, producing the songs and mixing for my weekly radio show Naiz:On Air.  Thanks to my team, I have reached more than I expected. We keep pushing forward, keep working hard, producing and trying to break through.


Name your top 3 goals that you hope to achieve?

1.Play at Tomorrowland

2.Collaborate with a huge artist

3.Being able to play my music all over the world


What is a lesson you learned from 2020 that you are bringing with you into 2021?

I’m a very social person – or at least used to be. I absolutely love people and crowds. Since we have been forced to keep our distance when out and about, I’ve noticed that the distancing became a new normal for me. I also enjoying work more and staying at home. It’s not that boring to just stay at home anymore.

If you could go back in time to last year and leave yourself a message for yourself, what would it say? Enjoy your vacations more, as soon you won’t be able to travel anymore.


Finally, what are your predictions for 2021?

I don’t think that 2021 will be much different than 2020. Just have to work h

ard and wait it out hoping for the best.

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