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Check out the world premiere of Sir Ivan’s ‘Get Together’ video

Sir Ivan is back spreading peace, love and happiness once again with his brand new single ‘Get Together’ which is Sir Ivan’s version of The Youngbloods 1967 hit. ‘Get Together’ is a bright and funky Electro-Pop tune that features insanely catchy lyrics that will have you singing and dancing along straight away.

In celebration of the release, Sir Ivan has put together an award-winning music video to go with the track. The video begins with Sir Ivan stepping out of a peace decorated limousine in sunny Miami Beach with iconic figures in society who have dedicated their lives in fighting for a peaceful world including Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr, John Lennon, Gandhi and the Dalai Lama. Giving off those summer vibes, ‘Get Together’ shows off a sunny rooftop pool part with Sir Ivan and his ‘Peacemen’ performing for a crowd of beautiful people of all shapes and sizes.

The video also features stand out quotes from each figure such as Jesus’s ‘peace on earth’ and Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘ignorance and stupidity are dangerous’. Get Together is light-hearted and fun to showcase Sir Ivan’s fun-loving personality and sense of humour, all whilst getting across an important message that is at the very core of Sir Ivan’s artistry which is to share positivity, acceptance and goodwill across the globe during times of such civil unrest.

Check out the video here:

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