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End Of Year Review 2019

End Of Year Review 2019 with Clambake & Rav3era

To mark the end of 2019, The Rave Exchange is travelling the world to reflect on the year of a series of DJs and Producers from every corner of the planet. From summer memories to future goals – we dig deep into the past 12 months and discuss future plans of some of our favourite emerging talents and listen to their exclusive 2019 summary mix.

Highlight of 2019

One of our highlights this year was definitely the production of our music video clip for our song “OLDSCHOOL” on skink records. It was the first video we ever did and it was a funny experience for us.


Happy memory from this summer

Clambake: Entering the entrance gates of Tomorrowland, whoever you walk through the entrance and the hum of the bass is getting louder and louder. that was definitely one of my favourite moments in this summer.

Rav3era: For me is also the Tomorrowland in Belgium a really happy memory. It’s always something really special and absolutely amazing.


Happy memory from this winter

Friday before the holidays started. Finally, time for short nights and long studio sessions.


The most difficult thing you’ve done this year

We think something of the most difficult things is to excel the previous releases. To always be able to offer the fans something better


This time last year you were…

on the way to Australia to learning English.


Your new year’s resolution this year

We want to at least double our successes from 2019 in 2020, it will not be easy but we think setting the goals high is the right way to success


How long is it going to last?

The goal would be to reach it in the 3rd quarter. Or by late 2020


Your musical goal for 2020

We work actually hard on new music, our goal is to fix it on big label’s, do a big collab, or produce a big hit! And we want to reach 1 million streams on Spotify


A new skill or hobby you’d like to get into

We want to bring our producer skill to a higher level! If we find time for a new hobby, we will see what it is.


Your dream Christmas present

A manager contract with a manager who has the same goal as we are establishing the C&R project in the music industry


Favourite festive food

Fondue or Raclette both are swiss food speciality


Your NYE plans

No plans yet (we know Nye is around the corner) but it shows a lot that you spontaneously experience the best parties.


Movie/TV show of the year

Favourite movie of the year that’s an easy question for us definitely STAR WARS the rise of Skywalker


Song of the year that you were involved with


Clambake: For me definitely ‘Booty’ I like the vibe and the power of this song.

Rav3era: For me ‘Oldschool’, because I have a lot of funny memories on this track from the whole working process on this release.


Song of the year that you were not involved with

There are a lot of really crazy and amazing tracks released this year. So, it’s impossible to choose one.


Artist or label to watch in 2020

A long-awaited dream would be to release on Revealed Recordings. we will see what 2020 has for us.


Something you learned in 2019

It’s not easy to stand out among all the talent out there but it is important to always have your goal in mind and fight for it. Always stay on the ball and look for ideas that make you different from the rest


A prediction about the world in 2020

They say a new music label will come!


And lastly, sum up your 2019 in 3 words

Best so far!






Clambake & Rav3era – Bring it Back

One Republic, Galantis – Bones (Steff da Campo Remix)

Unity – 999

Clambake & Rav3era – I Don’t Die

Magnificence – Remember

Brohug – Rush

Clambake & Rav3era – Weird

Moska – Legend

Jewelz & Sparks – Gucci Moves

Clambake & Rav3era – Oldschool

Jonas Aden, Mesto – Your Melody

Kura, Syzz – Lightspeed

Clambake & Rav3era – Dollars

Dastic, Tommy Jayden – Find you

Pøp Cultur, Luca Testa, Kris Kiss – Get it In

Clambake & Rav3era – In the Back

Julian Jordan – Bassline

Ava Max – Freaking me Out (Keanu Silva Remix)

Clambake & Rav3era – Stuck on You

Retrovision – Take off

Clambake & Rav3era – Brohs

Clambake & Rav3era – Booty

Let Us Control You Party


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