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End Of Year Review 2019

End Of Year Review 2019 with Ken Bauer

To mark the end of 2019, The Rave Exchange is travelling the world to reflect on the year of a series of DJs and Producers from every corner of the planet. From summer memories to future goals – we dig deep into the past 12 months and discuss future plans of some of our favourite emerging talents and listen to their exclusive 2019 summary mix.

Highlight of 2019

Getting signed by EDX’s label Sirup and getting to know the professional team on the label.

Happy memory from this summer

Receiving support from my biggest idol ever, David Guetta.

Happy memory from this winter

Travelling to Gran Canaria with my family to get some extra time in the Sun before returning to the cold winter in Sweden.

The most difficult thing you’ve done this year

Learning how to make the perfect bearnaise sauce!! But if you are asking in regards to music it has to be that I have not allowed myself to buy any new plugins or musical equipment. I only failed at that a little bit…

This time last year you were…

Sitting in the studio mixing and mastering a friends album.

Your new year’s resolution this year

Start to exercise more and eat more healthy food.

How long is it going to last?

Probably a few weeks…

Your musical goal for 2020

To finish and release more music of my own. In 2019 I spent a lot of time working with other people’s music. It was great and a lot of fun but I fell behind on my own release schedule.

A new skill or hobby you’d like to get into

I have always dreamt about learning to play the guitar but I always give up as soon as I try the F chord as my fingers start cramping. Also, I would like to improve my cooking skills.

Your favourite Christmas song

It is actually a Swedish song by a group called Triad called “Tänd ett ljus”.

Your dream Christmas present

A house in Gran Canaria.

Favourite festive food

Pizza, not very festive I know but I love it!

Your NYE plans

I am having some friends over to my place so that I can practice my cooking skills as well as testing some of my new tracks on them.

Public figure of the year

Greta Thunberg

Movie/TV show of the year

I just love the Spanish series on Netflix called Casa de Papel (Money Heist).

Song of the year that you were involved with

Alone by Max Fail & Jonathan Wagner

Song of the year that you were not involved with

The Tom Staar remix of Thing For You by David Guetta & Martin Solveig

Artist or label to watch in 2020

I would keep an eye on Sonny Bass currently on Armada and his own label SHKDWN Recordings. Sonny is a very talented artist and great at mixing. I have learned a lot from him over the years.

Something you learned in 2019

Do not promise to deliver more than you actually can.

A prediction about the world in 2020

I think this is the year that more and more music will be produced by AI. Hopefully, we will still make better music than machines.

And lastly, sum up your 2019 in 3 words

Work, Work & Work.










Job MD & Ken Bauer – Feels Just Right (Ken Bauer Rave Exchange Exclusive Mix)

Max Fail & Jonathan Wagner – Alone (Ken Bauer Extended Remix)

Matt Nash – I Won’t Let You Down (Extended Mix)

David Guetta Feat. RAYE – Stay (Nicky Romero Remix)

Don Diablo Feat. KiFi -The Same Way (Extended Mix)

TMW – All Of My Love (Riggi & Piros Remix)

R Plus & Dido – My Boy (Meduza Remix)

Ken Bauer – Plastic Luv (Extended Mix)


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