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End Of Year Review 2019

End Of Year Review 2019 with Mateo Paz

To mark the end of 2019, The Rave Exchange is travelling the world to reflect on the year of a series of DJs and Producers from every corner of the planet. From summer memories to future goals – we dig deep into the past 12 months and discuss future plans of some of our favourite emerging talents and listen to their exclusive 2019 summary mix.


Highlight of 2019

I had a to-do list and I actually did most of it. From last year I focused a lot on my mental health too.


Happy memory from this summer

It was a visit to my hometown, after a very long break, as I travel a lot.


Happy memory from this winter

In the UAE, winter is not the same as you know it, but I love the temperature here in the winter. I couldn’t imagine being in a cold place for the winter anymore!


The most difficult thing you’ve done this year

Changing my lifestyle, priorities, and a mature look at reality as an artist.


This time last year you were…

In LA. It was amazing!


Your new year’s resolution this year

As I said, keeping mental health on the same level and more sport and gym.


How long is it going to last?

The whole year I suppose!


Your musical goal for 2020

I would like to be involved in music festivals. It would be such a great opportunity to play one.


A new skill or hobby you’d like to get into

I’d like to learn Spanish.


Your favourite Christmas song

Wham! – Last Christmas


Your dream Christmas present

Dinner with family. I miss those days.


Favourite festive food

On first thought, I would say fish soup, but I guess there is more that I would love to try.


Your NYE plans

I will play at Alici, Bluewaters in Dubai


Public figure of the year

Greta Thunberg.


Movie/TV show of the year

Black Mirror


Song of the year that you were involved with

Kleinsky, Mateo Paz – Remember


Song of the year that you were not involved with

CamelPhat, Cristoph – Breathe


Artist or label to watch in 2020



Something you learned in 2019

Never give up, no matter what, because success is within your reach if you do

what you love


A prediction about the world in 2020

It’s a political question and I am not really involved and up-to-date with world situations. I’m going to try and be more in touch next year.


And lastly, sum up your 2019 in 3 words

Power, passion, perseverance






  1. Mateo Paz – Feel Your Heart (Orginal Mix) (00:00-05:56)
  2. Mateo Paz vs Jacob Gurevitsch – The Spanish Inquisition (05:56-10:37)
  3. Mateo Paz – track id (10:37-17:28)
  4. Lucas Rodriguez – Dreaming Awake (Creative Machine Remix) [Massive Harmony Records] (10:37-22:41)
  5. TR20 – Shine (Juliane Wolf Remix) [Mirabilis Records] (22:41-27:37)
  6. Beatamines – Frames (Stephan Zovsky & Dan Cero Remix) [Sueslide] (27:37-34:02)
  7. MXV – Fold [Balkan Connection] (34:02-40:43)
  8. Awaken – The Heartbeat (Luman Remix) [RYNTH] (40:43-46:36)
  9. Anden – Mirage (Tom Zeta Extended Remix) [Colorize (Enhanced)] (46:36-53:08)

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