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End Of Year Review 2019

End Of Year Review 2019 with Withus

To mark the end of 2019, The Rave Exchange is travelling the world to reflect on the year of a series of DJs and Producers from every corner of the planet. From summer memories to personal achievements – we dig deep into the past 12 months and discuss future plans of some of our favourite emerging talents along with their exclusive Rave Exchange guest mix.

Highlight of 2019

Our highlight in 2019 was definitely meeting so many great artists and all the partying with crazy people that simply love music for the sake of it. If you’re talking about a certain moment, it was headlining EOS Festival.

Happy memory from this summer

We had two gigs on the same day a couple of hundred kilometres apart. We decided to make an old school road trip. The weather was beautiful, the first gig was at a lake festival so we chilled there for 2 hours after playing, drank a few cold beverages and headed to the next club where we played at a warm summer night under the stars.

Happy memory from this winter

We were booked to play in a tiny club where only 40 to 50 people could fit inside. The crowd there went totally crazy. Sweat was dripping from the roof and you could only see for like 2 meters. There was such a great vibe and the night was simply awesome.

The most difficult thing you’ve done this year

You always have to set your goals higher and higher as you improve. Countless hours of watching other producers and getting our sound better. Sometimes it was pretty hard, but in the end it’s so fulfilling to get the sound to the next level.

This time last year you were…

We had a wellness break in the alps exactly this same time last year with a couple of friends.

Your new year’s resolution this year

The usual stuff like improving the workout routine or respectively starting one!

A big thing for both of us is letting go when a song is finished and not wanting to improve it further and further.

How long is it going to last?

Hopefully forever… The letting go thing. Not so much the workouts haha!

Your musical goal for 2020

More releases on great labels and more remixing for famous artists. Also, a lot more touring abroad would be awesome.

A new skill or hobby you’d like to get into

We can both play the piano rather poorly. We know what keys to press but playing fluently is far out of reach for now. So taking some lessons is the way to go.

Your favourite Christmas song

Shakin Stevens – Merry Christmas Everyone

Classy and party as f*ck

Your dream Christmas present

A Universal Audio rack with all the plug-ins for our studio *hint hint*

Favourite festive food

Both coming from Bavaria the only choice is roast pork, dumplings and sauerkraut.

Your NYE plans

We’re coming together with our friends to do some Project X house party stuff!

Public figure of the year

Definitely Fisher! He’s an absolute mad lad, guided the (tech) house genre into a new direction and opened it for so many people. Even friends that don’t listen to any dance music were thrilled when they heard ‘Losing It’ for the first time.

Movie/TV show of the year

We’re big fans of Game Of Thrones. Season 8 and all the shit storm it caused was just crazy.

Song of the year that you were involved with

Our EP on Motive Records: Withus – Up Down. Outright worth a listening 🙂

Song of the year that you were not involved with

The first time we played AVAA’s ‘Work It’ this summer, people went insane and we love it just as much. One of the best songs this year!

Artist or label to watch in 2020

Watch out for our upcoming songs and the other great stuff on Motive Records, Random Soul Records and Bobbin’ Heads.

Something you learned in 2019

Everything we knew about making songs went up a whole notch. Too much to say here, but for example using a lot more parallel compression than we already did.

A prediction about the world in 2020

People need to love more and fight less.

And lastly, sum up your 2019 in 3 words

Music, Music & Music




01. David Penn feat. Ramona Renea – Stand Up (Extended Mix)

02. Withus – Up Down (Original Mix)

03. Brokenears – Feeling Good (Original Mix)

04. Funkermann – Speed Up (Kevin McKay, Qubiko & Funkerman Extended Mix)

05. David Penn, Milk & Sugar – Happy People (Kormak Remix)

06. Cassimm – Shined On Me (Extended Club Mix)

07. Dom Dolla – San Frandisco (Extended Mix)

08. Martin Ikin – Hooked (Extended Mix)

09. Biscits – The Pressure (Extended Mix)

10. Noizu & Eli Brown – Inside My Head (Extended Mix)

11. Withus – Got Me (Original Mix)

12. Pete Heller – Pete Heller’s Big Love (David Penn Extended Remix)


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