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Naizon Drops Exclusive Behind The Scenes Info About His Latest Release ‘What The Funk’

Naizon has been killing the game in 2021, with his latest release ‘What The Funk’ featuring as one of the hottest summer anthems of the year. He continues to impress with an array of Tech-House slammers that are bursting with energy and bringing that club vibe to people everywhere with its storming, funky elements. ‘What The Funk’ is a professionally wrapped effort chopped full of rugged groovy beats that do not disappoint as listeners around the world are immediately submersed into the action as this production kicks off with a sultry fast-paced drum that gets your blood pumping and your body moving. With this new release drumming up copious amounts of excitement in the industry, we caught up with Naizon for some exclusive behind the scenes information:


Hey Naizon, great to have you back. First off, how are you doing?

I’m doing well thanks for asking!


Tell us a brief story behind the make-up of ‘What The Funk?’

We wanted to make something that had both hard-edge bass and weight for the dancefloor parties, but also something that was groovy and rhythmic. After a lot of work moving between ideas about how best to make the track work, we settled on what you hear on the final track. We think that the production style fits really nicely in-between being a four to the floor kick drum style track and something that takes your attention more towards the melodic side of things, which in this case is the bassline.

How did you get in contact with Gustavo Mota for this release?

About a year ago I’ve sent the idea through Instagram of the track to Gustavo Mota and the project was not finished, but he really liked the idea, so we worked on it for a while and the final result was ‘What The Funk’.

How long did it take you to produce this track?

More than a year.

Did you enjoy working alongside Gustavo Mota?

It was very nice to work with him he is very skilled and full of ideas! And definitely, he knows what works and what doesn’t (ye ye whatever).

Who would you like to see supporting this release?

Actually surprisingly the release is already being supported by the likes of : Tchami, Mashmello, Jauz, Showtek, r3hab, San Holo, Nicola Fasano, Nicky Romero, and Sikdope.


What’s your creative process when you’re in the studio making new music?

I don’t have one creative process, as soon as I have some kind of ideas in my head I will record a sketch of sound on my phone (usually with my voice) and then will try to make it work in the studio.


What is your favourite DAW?

I Absolutely love Ableton!


Did you teach yourself the art of production or did you have a mentor?

I had lots of classes on music production then I studied the art of mix mastering engineering but obviously it takes lots of experimentation and many experienced people also taught me a lot


Finally, where can we listen to this new release?

You can find the song on Spotify, Soundcloud, Beatport, TikTok, Itunes, Apple Music, Deezer, and Napster.


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