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REVIEW: Wolfgang Lohr & Maskarade – Hit the Road Jack

Wolfgang Lohr teams up with Maskarade for this modern twist on an all-time classic vocal for a 2019-ready rework.


Wolfgang Lohr
& Maskarade hit our ears this month with the awesome Electro Swing vibes that we forgot we missed. Leaning into a slightly more House-inspired drum and rhythmic patterns. Hardly a surprise when you’re working out of Berlin, the hub of all things electronic in Europe – but Wolfgang has cut out a signature sound that is unmistakably his own. In a saturated world of genres and micro-genres, it’s no walk in the park to be outputting music that retains the kind of freshness that’s available in abundance here.

Lohr explains it best: “Electro Swing is what I’m all about right now and this is the moment that everything is happening in that space. But it could be that the scene fades. Who knows. So it’s just as much as I can do all the time, release after release, project after project.”

‘Hit The Road Jack’ brings back the infectious vocal hook famed by Ray Charles who gave Percy Mayfield‘s original vocal a treatment that installed the lyrics into music history forever. Countless covers later and Wolfgang and Lohr have revisited the classic and given it an Electro-Swing twist that brings it right up to 2018 whilst holding true to the vintage tones of days behind us. The gold standard of this vintage-future hybrid style is to hold true to classic examples of the sound whilst instilling a modern electronic foundation. It’s a sound that’s easy to get wrong – too much of either end of the spectrum and you’re out of the sweet-spot, but the guys here have hit that balance of classic swing and modern electronic dance styles.

If you know of DINKS, Dorade, ESE (Electro Swing Elite) or even Ska outfit DaSKartell – you’ve already heard Wolfgang’s work and it’s easy to spot a creative powerhouse by dipping into these various projects. Clearly not defined by genre rules or trends, we have here a producer that needs to follow his energy without the restrictions of genre or fad. Not content with just being the man on the desk though, you’ll find him singing, songwriting or indeed behind a trumpet – clearly a distinguished musical mind at work.

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