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‘Roar’ Marks Justina’s First Solo Vocal Release

Hailing from London, Justina developed her love for singing, dancing, and acting at just six years old. With influences built around her image from her Nigerian parents and some of the most prolific singers like Beyonce and Alicia Keys, she is well on her way to the top of her domain. Some of her career accolades include landing a role in the movie ‘Pride and Prejudice Cut’, along with working on music with Grammy-nominated producer Haskel Jackson and local LA rapper Rasool who Justina sang on a couple of his records.

Her latest single ‘Roar’ is a sultry blend of atmospherics, feisty vocals, and an overall catchy vibe that leaves you wanting to press replay as soon as it’s over. Throughout the song, she keeps a tight hold of the rhythm with her lyrical flow, which makes for a smooth transition into key points of the song, with elements where she demonstrates the power of her voice in the chorus that proves to be ridiculously catchy. It’s refreshing to see such a talented vocalist show off something fresh and different, and over the years, she has really honed in on her talents. Her latest single ‘Roar’ is a perfect representation of her talent as she branches out into the music industry.

With a couple of tricks of the trade under her belt like acting and writing already distinguishing her name in the industry, Justina is really demonstrating how much of a threefold talent she really is as she kicks off her career in the music industry. With no doubt that she will excel just as well in this line of work as much as she has in other aspects of her career, Justina is definitely not one to miss out on.

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