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Sir Ivan drops long awaited remix package of ‘Happy Together’

Banker–turned–singer, reality TV celebrity and social activist Ivan Wilzig has led a life that Hollywood movies are made of. After twenty years of working in his family’s multi-billion-dollar commercial banking business and serving on the bank’s Board of Directors, Ivan left the banking world, reinvented himself as recording artist Sir Ivan, and against all odds became a Top Ten Billboard Magazine Recording Artist. Most recently, he joined the Board of Directors for the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts (CARTA) at Florida International University (FIU).


With an immense career history, Sir Ivan has proved that anything is possible. Sir Ivan’s latest project involves the re-release of his 2009 cover of the Turtle’s 60’s hit ‘Happy Together’ and has spent the last few months working with a variety of super talented producer to develop 5 versions of that track that showcase different signature sounds whilst still invoking joy and happiness within the music.


Of the five producers chosen to remix this song, three of them had done incredible remixes for Sir Ivan previously, on other songs. DJ’s from Mars lent their magic on remixes for “Love Is All Around Me” and “Live For Today”. Ralphi Rosario did stellar remixes on “Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye”, and “La La Land”, and 7th Heaven created an amazing Top 40 radio remix for “Imagine”, and “I Am Peaceman”. As for the super talented Bimbo Jones and Moto Blanco, they were always on Sir Ivan’s short list of talented artists he wished to collaborate with and now feels like the perfect time.


Sir Ivan is releasing his ‘Happy Together’ remix package himself and will feature a selection of versions to suit everyone; they include a radio, club and dub mix which are all sure to be played in clubs and on radios all over the world, spreading peace and love as they go.


Check out each of the remixes here:


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