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The Talented Producers Behind Floormagnet Put Together a Danceable Guestmix

Floormagnet  consists of six experienced electronic music lovers based in Stockholm, Sweden. What creates the magic between them are the disparate yet talented differences of the six striking producers that come together with each release to create a unique combination with their obsession with tweaking tracks until perfection and delivering authenticity to music lovers across the globe.  Floormagnet has been on fire so far during 2021, which marks the re-birth of the group with exclusive guest mixes for 6AMand Like That Underground, followed by a year-long series of singles, debut EPs, and collaborations that are out of this world.  Check out this latest guest mix from Floormagnet.

Floormagnet Online:


  1. Audion – Mouth To Mouth (Boys Noize Remix)
  2. Moi Renee – Miss Honey (Acapella)
  3. Terry Francis – Love Me feat. Miss C, HIVE71 (Mr.C Remix)
  4. Floormagnet – Strapped
  5. Rejected – Let’s Go Juno (District One Remix)
  6. Rex the Dog – Vortex
  7. Traumer – Hoodlum
  8. Yello – Oh Yeah (Luigi Rocca Remix)
  9. Studio Apartment – Hide Out (Tiger Stripes Remix)
  10. Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again (Eric Prydz Remix)
  11. Jack (Acapella)
  12. Nick Curly – Helter Skelter
  13. Amine Edge, Dance – 1993 TCHN SHT
  14. Fingers – Short Dick Man (Acapella)


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