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What’s in Store For Cyazon in the Future? Find out More With This ‘My Future Self’ Interview

Cyazon has built his reputable career from the backbone of his inimitable sound, which strikes a fine balance between Dubstep and Synthwave, which overall captures the murky undertones of abandoned streets combined with the blur of neon lights from Bladerunner’s metropolis. As of recent, Cyazon has been constantly breaking through the boundaries of music, where he takes listeners on a unique journey through time, chaos, and self-discovery. His hard-hitting beats are what set him apart, combined with melodic Dubstep which makes up his distinguished sound. We caught up with Cyazon with a ‘My Future Self’ interview to find out more about him.

Give us 3 predictions of life in 2030?
My 3 predictions of life in 2030 are the following:

-Everyone will be happy, be at peace with life, and get along with each other.

-No more global warming issues. The world may run off of electric/hydrogen-powered cars. Examples are Tesla and Lucid.

-Hyperloop will replace the airline industry.

What is at the top of your bucket list?
To play on the main stage at Ultra Music Festival and EDC Las Vegas.

Looking back over the years, how do you think your sound has developed?
My sound has evolved/developed slowly but it has changed so much. Back in 2015, I wanted to make heavy cybernetic Dubstep like Xilent. I still love Xilent’s sound to this day, and it heavily influences my sound. All artists inspire each other.

Then around 2017, I had a vision to combine the sounds from the movies ‘Tron Legacy’ (the initial inspiration for Cyazon) and Bladerunner 2049. I also used melodic synth elements from the genre Synthwave, so I thought why not do Synthwave Dubstep.

Then around November/December 2019, I thought it would be cool to do Synthwave Midtempo. Now I like to think my sound has evolved into Cybernetic futuristic Midtempo. I’m about to start experimenting with different genres soon, so I’m excited!

How do you think your music will sound in the future?
I believe my music will sound like the future. Right now I’m trying to combine sounds from the Netflix series Altered Carbon. That TV series inspires the Cyazon sound. I believe I will still draw influence for my music from Dubstep and Midtempo. I also believe I will still use the sounds in the movies Bladerunner 2049 and Tron Legacy in my music.

Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years, wow I don’t even know haha. Hopefully playing festivals and shows non-stop and still making EDM. I also think I will be deeply involved in the film industry. I want to provide value and insight where I can in both the music and film industry.

With technological advancements, what do you think DJing and producing will be like in the future?
I believe that there will be more implementation for DJing and producing inside virtual reality and augmented reality. We’re already there somewhat. An example would be DJing in VR Chat. Another example, Oculus has a few games where you can DJ in virtual reality. There is so much potential for artists, fans, and anyone to be involved with virtual reality and music.

What personal goals do you wish to achieve?
Personal goals. Get back into running long-distance. Be healthier and sleep better. Be in a romantic relationship if it’s meant to be. At the same time, I can be single forever and be happy. Be more immersed into art galleries and cooking. Build financial income. I can keep going on and on haha.

Tell us about some plans you already have in the pipeline?
An album is going to be released on my birthday on January 20, 2022. A movie connected to that album and the story my album will tell. Collaborations and my own music to be finished ASAP haha. Also, my own radio show.

Lastly, what message do you want to leave for your future self?
The message I want to leave to my future self. I have succeeded in all my goals I set out to do since March 22, 2021. I am reading this 3 years later. I manifested all of my goals into reality.

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