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XMAS Interview & Mix Series

XMAS Interview & Mix series with Jacob Colon

Jacob Colon is known for his Latin-inspired rugged beats and funky House basslines that have contributed to his sharp rise to the wide-spread recognition. Having launched his very own radio show this year and a wealth of top-notch releases, Jacob is now branching out to work with Aravaxa Music and a whole new roster of collaborators. We cant wait to see what Jacob gets up to next year but for now, we caught up with Jacob to find out more about his Christmas and to hear an exclusive guest mix.

What is your favourite thing about the Christmas period?

I love that this special holiday brings all family together. Usually, we spend time with our immediate family when we do have the time, but uniting cousins, nephews, grandparents, in-laws, and other family all together is very hard on other circumstances. Christmas is the day that we are able to hang out with everyone. Plus, no work Christmas Eve, unless you’re a DJ of course.


 How will you be spending your Christmas this year?

I will be with my family this year. Because of the pandemic, we are not allowed to have gatherings above 10 people per local government regulations.


What would be your dream Christmas present?

I really love sneakers. So, a sneaker collection would be the ultimate Christmas gift.


Do you have a favourite Christmas song?

Not really. But I do look forward to the different rendition of Christmas songs every year by new artists.


If you could spend the holiday period anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I would love to travel to an island where it is warm and hang out outside. Anywhere peaceful would be great.


Do you have any unique family traditions at Christmas?

I’m Puerto Rican, so my mother always makes her rendition of coquito. It’s a holiday drink with different types of milk, rum and coconut.


What is your favourite Christmas film?

Growing up I use to watch Home Alone.


Which are your must-have festive foods?

Puerto Rican tradition is having arroz con consoles.


How do you usually spend your New Year’s Eve?

I usually party at a small event with my family. This year will be different, unfortunately.


Finally, do you have any new year’s resolutions for 2021 and do you think you will stick to them?

I don’t have any particular resolution. I want to continue progressing in my career and work hard. I’ve expanded my sound into new parts of the world with my radio show “Made to Move Radio”. I want to continue pushing my Made to Move imprint and become a respectable name in the music scene.


Guest mix:


Jacob Colon Online


Guest Mix Tracklist:

  1. Sweet Flute – Tommy Boccuto
  2. Mamasitas (Julian Collazos Extended Remix) – Chus & Ceballos
  3. Just me and my drums – Oba Frank Lords
  4. Waxs (Rafa Barrios Remix) – Paolo Martini
  5. Everybody Be Somebody (Original Mix) – Earth n Days
  6. Cash (Club Mix) – Oscar G
  7. Magic Or Mystery – Jacob Colon feat Jeff Stephan

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