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XMAS Interview & Mix Series with Mike Bello

Mike Bello is known for his uplifting synths and infectious melodies as he harnesses an energy that is totally unmatched. With his first release debuting in 2019, Mike has gone on to release an official remix for Olivia Addams’ hit ‘Sick Lullaby’ and collaborated with Japanese powerhouse Takahiro Yoshihira on ‘Hedgehog’ back in May 2020 along with his latest single ‘Plug’. We caught up with Mike for an interview and exclusive guestmix.

What is your favourite thing about the Christmas period?

The atmosphere, the lights, and since I’m in Australia, the beaches, parties and summer vibe.

How will you be spending your Christmas this year?

Camping with friends and road-tripping around some of the coast of Australia.

What would be your dream Christmas present?

A studio session with one of my favourite producers. (Probably Metrik, that would be huge for me.)

Do you have a favourite Christmas song?

Michael Bublé – It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

If you could spend the holiday period anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Probably somewhere where it snows. Here in Australia, it’s always summer during Christmas, which is also amazing but it would be cool to experience it the other way around too.

Do you have any unique family traditions at Christmas?

It’s not all that unique but my family always gets together for a big lunch on Christmas day, each year more family seem to show up from further away.

What is your favourite Christmas film?

It’s not really a Christmas film but Home Alone always had good Christmas vibes for me.

Which are your must-have festive foods?

Probably ham or prawns, they always somehow make it into my festive diet.

How do you usually spend your New Year’s Eve?

With friends partying and dreaming up big new goals for the year to come.

Finally, do you have any new year’s resolutions for 2021 and do you think you will stick to them?

My 2021 resolutions would be to start up and grow my new radio show, release more tracks than the last two years combined, start playing shows overseas and find more ways to connect and engage more with my fans. And yes, I think I’ll push as hard as I can to reach and exceed those resolutions.

Guest Mix: 


Mike Bello Online


Guestmix Tracklist:

1 – Ready or Not – Slow Down

2 – NoiZ Van Grane – Shadow Realm

3 – Hot Shit! – Going Deeper

4 – Pastiche – Ozone

5 – SVNF8 – The HYDRA

6 – Mon. Ton vs Toma Hawk – Move

7 – Aldous Feat. KNVWN – Hurricane

8 – Henry Cortes – Control

9 – Wolvero, Jay Percy – Memories

10 – SIIK – Pik Pak

11 – Ruben Drox – NEXT

12 – Max Motive – Turn It On

13 – Bjorn, Bezrukov – Don’t Stop

14 – Quando – Like This

15 – Ian Sndrz, Jenil – Haterz

16 – Martin Richards – With The Flow

17 – Loris Buono, Skiavo & Vindes – Kick It

18 – DJ Tonyk – Walker

19 – Marc Mosca – The Sequence

20 – Jahn Solo Ft. Sanna Hartfield Remixes – Let Me Have

21 – Holly J & Shona McCoy – Work It (Press F Remix)

22 – Jordan Rocks – To The Beat

23 – DiKay -Here To Dance

24 – Sandra Wilson – Change My Mind

25 – Trevr – Break It Down (Feat. Jones 2.0)

26 – Derry Kost – Fresh Beat

27 – Mike Bello – Plug

28 – moUnique – MoUnkey On Acid

29 – Aeron Kellan – Go Ahead

30 – James Black Pitch – Captain

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