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Manu P & Andrea Rubolini Release Powerful New EP ‘My Roots’

Teaming up once again, Manu P and Andrea Rubolini strike back with their new EP, ‘My Roots’; marking their debut release on the label, The Cage Music, this new production is poised to elevate dancefloors around the globe as it delivers a highly energetic listen that serves to showcase the duo’s remarkable talents. The EP, a collection of mixes of the track, will no doubt impress; as it presents a new collaboration with STEB, aka Benny Blanco, who injects his own unique House flavour into ‘My Roots’, the EP brings party-starter energy, sure to captivate listeners with its infectiously groovy and rhythmic vibes.  

The Italian DJs and Producers have had a busy year, collaborating to present a series of smash releases, including their latest remix of Donna Summer’s, ‘Heaven Knows’. Ready to unleash their hard-hitting and captivating sound yet again, the pair now expands their already impressive release catalogue, adding another exciting addition to the mix. With styles that blend elements from the genres of House and Melodic Techno, the duo emerges as a dynamic pair whose powerful releases to date position them to become well-established and reputable talents within Electronic Music.  

Manu P and Andrea Rubolini’s version of the track delivers a hypnotic and energetic listen that makes it unmissable for genre fans. Featuring driving rhythmic elements, soaring pads and a bouncing bassline, the track guides listeners through its hard-hitting soundscape, enthusing them with catchy vocal riffs and syncopated chordal details. Building into an intricately layered mix, ‘My Roots’ from Manu P and Andrea Rubolini is a thrilling auditory journey; with intense funky vibes, the track brings an infectious feeling to its listeners, one that is sure to persuade them into groovy motion. 

STEB’s mix of ‘My Roots’, on the other hand, offers a new take; as he infuses it with his own unique style, curating a listening experience filled with intriguing breakdowns and dynamic drops, STEB brings a fresh perspective to the EP. With a powerful low end, thumping and prominent bass, staggering elements, groovy piano synth line, and processed vocal chops, STEB’s track is just as exciting, delivering a festive, Latin–infused vibrancy that will no doubt garner the attention and admiration of genre lovers.   

This new production highlights the impressive abilities of these skilled DJ/Producers. As they blend their signature sounds and styles once more, they present a release that has everything it needs to become a dancefloor staple. Poised to climb the list of innovators within Electronic Music, the duo is on a trajectory that will no doubt see them leading the genre into new creative territories, and the refreshing sound of ‘My Roots’ proves that this is a unique pair to keep watching.  

‘My Roots’ is out now and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.  


Listen and download ‘My Roots EP’ now: 


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