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The Rave Exchange started way back in 2008, a simple idea to connect a small group of friends online through social media, which at the time was a new technology before many of the modern day tools and technologies came to surface. The idea was simple, we had a place to talk online about when and where the next big party would be. We would discuss meeting places, arrange transport together and buy, sell and swap tickets. It was a simple idea, but it worked, so well in-fact that fast forward 10 years to today and The Rave Exchange has developed and grown into one of the largest social media-based ticket exchange networks in the electronic music world.

Now boasting over 30,000 active members and a community unlike any modern Dance Music internet group, The Rave Exchange now facilitates hundreds of ticket exchanges every month, helping to ensure that changes of plans or missed ticket sales windows don’t result in less feet on the dance-floor come the day of the big events. More than just that though, our brand and ethos spreads across the web into multiple online platforms that are all dedicated to the one thing that we all share within our TRE community – a burning love of all things Dance Music.

Now expanding into the world of online media, The Rave Exchange has moved from a little cosy corner of the internet into the public domain as our online magazine and blog comes to life. Our online contributors and team will be comprised of members of our community, keeping true to our roots as we expand into a new chapter of our journey. What we have that separates us from the hundreds of blogs out there already is our family. Most music sites have a small team of writers and however many readers, but we have an army and a history and a vibe that makes TRE something special.

Welcome to our world.