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Big RoomMore Big Room

MaxRiven – Welcome To The Jungle

Artist: MaxRiven Track: Welcome To The Jungle Label: Planet Dance Music

Milad feat. Nathan Brumley – Back To Life

Artist: Milad feat. Nathan Brumley Track: Back To Life Label: Electro Beat Records (Promind)

Decibel Artforce – To the Ones

Artist: Decibel Artforce Track: To the Ones Label: Profimedia

Tosch – Xplode

Artist: Tosch Track: Xplode Label: ToschMusic

HouseMore House

Reelsoul, Solara, Groove Junkies – For Those Who Know

Artist: Reelsoul, Solara, Groove Junkies Track: For Those Who Know Label: Morehouse Records

Enrico BSJ Ferrari – Vulesse ‘A Marònna

Artist: Enrico BSJ Ferrari Track: Vulesse ‘A Marònna Label: Traktoria

Enpon, Sven feat. Sinned – Wings To Fly

Artist: Enpon, Sven feat. Sinned Track: Wings To Fly Label: MusicalDreamy

Glenn Morrison feat. Deb’s Daughter – Different Kind Of Love (Soulseekerz Remix)

Artist: Soulseekerz Track: Different Kind Of Love (Soulseekerz Remix) Label: Dying Light Records

TranceMore Trance

Paul Hawcroft – Evolution

Artist: Paul Hawcroft Track: Evolution Label: Lost Language

Alexandra Badoi, Feel – We Are One

Artist: Alexandra Badoi, Feel Track: We Are One Label: Suanda Music

HighGo – Another Earth

Artist: HighGo Track: Another Earth Label: Crystalclouds Recordings

Nickolas Ilnitskiy, Belter – After The Darkness

Artist: Nickolas Ilnitskiy, Belter Track: After The Darkness Label: Alveda Liquid

Trap/Future BassMore Trap/Future Bass

Animysh – Dipi Dipi

Artist: Animysh Track: Dipi Dipi Label: ReState Records

Esh – Jungle

Artist: Esh Track: Jungle Label: TurnItUp Muzik

Delaise – The Moonlight’s Show (DJ VoJo Remix Radio Edit)

Artist: Delaise Track: The Moonlight’s Show (DJ VoJo Remix Radio Edit) Label: See The Sea Records

Hyper Potions, Nokae – Expedition

Artist: Hyper Potions, Nokae Track: Expedition Label: Monstercat

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