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Big RoomMore Big Room

CIIMERA feat. Jonny Rose – Change You (Symanth Remix)

Artist: Symanth Track: Change You (Symanth Remix) Label: Harmor Records

Cuebrick, Jochen Miller – T-Shirt

Artist: Cuebrick, Jochen Miller Track: T-Shirt Label: Maxximize

Sonic Snares – Hommage

Artist: Sonic Snares Track: Hommage Label: FST’N’FWRD Records

DJ Combo, Da Vinci, Sander-7 – The DJ

Artist: DJ Combo, Da Vinci, Sander-7 Track: The DJ Label: Cherry Pepper Music

HouseMore House

TnA Project – Hold Me On The Dance Floor (JRMX Radio Edit)

Artist: JRMX Track: Hold Me On The Dance Floor (JRMX Radio Edit) Label: JTA Records

Red1 – Aluminum House

Artist: Red1 Track: Aluminum House Label: Reformatica

David Anthony feat. Sister Maghee – Hold On

Artist: David Anthony feat. Sister Maghee Track: Hold On Label: Planet Hum Records

CloudNone – Blue To Blue

Artist: CloudNone Track: Blue To Blue Label: Monstercat

TranceMore Trance

Arcanum – Aeternum (Andrew & White Remix)

Artist: Andrew & White Track: Aeternum (Andrew & White Remix) Label: Gert Records

Johnny E – Evolve

Artist: Johnny E Track: Evolve Label: Wonders Recordings

INVIRON feat. Natune – Be Mine

Artist: INVIRON feat. Natune Track: Be Mine Label: Trancemission

Garmeid – Vindicta

Artist: Garmeid Track: Vindicta Label: SongSide Recordings

Trap/Future BassMore Trap/Future Bass

Substance UK – Samurai (Slick Thieves Remix)

Artist: Slick Thieves Track: Samurai (Slick Thieves Remix) Label: Impossible Records

kashtrø, Leo Xia – This Chance

Artist: kashtrø, Leo Xia Track: This Chance Label: Bass Rebels Recordings

Fedmate, Nextro – Scaletta

Artist: Fedmate, Nextro Track: Scaletta Label: Electric Station

Vitor Mafra feat. Mister M – Papo Reto

Artist: Vitor Mafra feat. Mister M Track: Papo Reto Label: Sub Smackers Records

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