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Naizon releases his brand new radio show Naiz:on Air

Having been responsible for some of the best new music from an up and coming artist, Naizon’s discography is seriously impressive with tracks such as ‘My House’, ‘Midnight’ and ‘Pause’ all generating a wealth of attention and praise. With a history entrenched in dance music, Naizon has tried his hand at a multitude of genres before embarking on his Tech House project.

If you haven’t heard of Naizon you will definitely get a sense of him and his artistry through this show as he includes some of his favourite releases and one of his own tracks ‘Dance It’. You will find music such as Chris Lake and Green Velvets iconic track ‘Deceiver’, Anti Up’s ‘Get That’, Sander Kleinenberg’s ‘London Girl’ featuring Baby Sol and of course, Fisher’s ‘Losing it’.

Head over to Mixcloud each week to get your fix of Naiz:on Air, turn it up and enjoy!


Listen to Ep 1:


Naizon Online

Let Us Control You Party


Pick A Style

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