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Acer Vantes – Location 50+1

Acer Vantes has a reputation for gluing together the beautiful and the demonic sides of electronic music to create his own Frankenstein explorations of sound and bass. Location 50+1, his packaged creative endeavours of 2019 showcases that with epic results.

Kickstarting this four-tracker EP is ‘Genesis’ which unleashes supercharged retro-power-leads into a flurry of arpeggiators that push into a frenzy before being swiped out from underneath your feet into a mechanically crafted bass drop that combines articulate LFO work with devastating sub frequencies. Flicking between epic melodic content and neck-snapping bass impacts, Acer sets the tone for the EP to come.

Onto ‘Collide’ and we’re given a 4/4 workout intro that harks back to vintage Deadmau5-eque chords, whilst adding a chaotic rack of FX and manipulations and bass freak-outs that draw influences and stylistic nods to the likes of Pegboard Nerds, Knife Party, Seven Lions and others that throw down with the energy and contrasting melodic beauty and sever bass drops that Acer knows as his own sound.

‘Beatbringer’ takes a more euphoric twist on the chords and melodic style with a staggered progression that snaps into an intricate bass-line that glides and slides through frequency, resonance and wave-tone with precise modulation and FX manipulation. Acer Vantes again leans onto the power-house epic chords that evokes shades of classic gaming soundtracks with a double dose of womp and power on his lethal drops.

Wrapping up the EP is ‘Waves’ which takes an unexpected turn as we’re given an angelic vocal Riptid3 which flurries around sultry chorded keys, stringed plucks and retro synth leads before powering up into a wall of noise through the stacked synths and bass-lines that are mutated, distorted and ripped to shreds in classic Acer Vantes fashion.

The Producer behind the EP is a talent, there’s no doubting that. This is epic, melodic progressions, careful synth development and then contrasting destruction in glorious drops that offer a juxtaposition of energy, emotion and impact. Acer Vantes is a creative mind that respects musical roots, but is adamant that the future is just as bright as he carves up genres and styles to make something fresh and energizing.

From playing at local parties to opening for big industry names, American artist Acer Vantes has been working his way up the ladder and making a mark in the electronic music scene. After making his debut at Dancefestopia, he has performed at many events in the Kansas/Missouri area, becoming a supporting artist for big-name DJ’s such as Jauz, Galantis, Pegboard Nerds and more. No matter the event, no matter the genre, Acer Vantes makes sure his fans leave happy and wanting more. He fulfils this promise with the release of his EP ‘Location 50+1’.

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