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ALWZ SNNY Brings Sunniness to Your Day With Brand New Release ‘Stupid Love’

If you’re looking for some feel-good EDM vibes that will definitely brighten your day, check out ALWZ SNNY’s brand new release with the songwriter/rapper TyeRiffic called ‘Stupid Love’. ALWZ SNNY’s unique take on the dance music industry is what sets him apart from the rest – his inimitable sound is made up of a Country Dance Electropop fusion that has definitely turned some heads in the industry. ALWZ SNNY has seen an exciting amount of success in recent times, with a string of heavyweight releases that have built him a steady and developed fanbase spanning across the globe. ALWZ SNNY has developed quite the knack for upbeat and catchy dance music, considering his previous releases like ‘Still Wait 4U’, ‘Love Revolution’ and ‘As Long As We’re Together’, where we have seen him work closely and develop relationships with figureheads in the industry like Sincerely Collins and Jennifer Chatham.

ALWZ SNNY is back with his brand-new dancefloor dominator ‘Stupid Love’, which features sultry upbeat vocals from the get-go, overall depicting a warm and happy atmosphere where we’re soaked with bright synths that fill the background – a perfect culmination for lovers of his sound. As we head into the drop, we are met a high energy pumping bassline backed with rallying super saw leads that kick into an upbeat and positive melody, which contrasts the vocals and diversifies the production. Overall, his production with TyeRiffic signifies a perfect combination of the genres that he is most acquainted with, and with each new release he seems to be edging closer to that perfect commercial dance music style – With masses of potential, this polished and original production proves to be perfect for the radio or dancefloor alike and oozes those catchy and classic EDM vibes that will instantly bring a bit of sunniness to your day.

ALWZ SNNY has truly outdone himself in terms of his production quality this year, and this is another one to add to the list of a series of many exciting remixes ALWZ SNNY has in the pipeline for us this in the coming year.

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