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Bubba Brothers’ Bold Sound is Forging a New Path for Electronic Dance Music

Bubba Brothers are among the most promising rising stars in the Electronic Dance Music scene. Hailing from Faro in the Algarve, Portugal, the dynamic duo consisting of Eliseu Correia and Justino Santos has taken the world by storm with their innovative blend of House, Techno, Progressive House, and Tribal House sounds.  

With a friendship bond spanning over four decades, the duo started the Bubba Brothers project in 2015 and released their first original track, ‘Carla’s Beat’ in 2019, paving the way for the growth of their fandom and fame. Bubba Brothers’ signature sound is a reflection of their eclectic musical influences, including renowned artists such as Carl Cox, Kolsch, Tinlicker, Themba, and Tube and Berger. Their sound is characterized by powerful basslines, hard-hitting beats, and a unique blend of Tribal and Latin sounds, to mention some of the genres they mix, that create an electric atmosphere of pure energy and joy on the dancefloor.  

Bubba Brothers have had several notable achievements in their career so far; recently their EP ‘Basstribe’, released via their own imprint Mossdeb Sounds, featured two explosive tracks, ‘Bass’ and ‘Tribe’, both of which landed in the Top 40 of Beatport, they also played in iconic venues such as Dancefloor Leiria, Infinity Sunset by Pete Tha Zouk, Ministry of Sound in London and Es Paradis in Ibiza; Bubba Brothers’ live performances are just as captivating and energizing as their productions, their sets are filled with high-octane energy, a fast-paced sound, and an unrelenting groove that keeps the crowd moving all night long. Each DJ brings their unique strengths and skills to the mixing deck, resulting in a seamless and impressive performances.  

Bubba Brothers are making a name for themselves in the Electronic Dance Music scene with their hard-hitting sound and signature style, their passion for Electronic music is displayed in every release they put out and every performance they give, which has resulted in a growing number of devoted fans across the globe. As the duo promises to bring more powerful releases and exciting live shows, it’s only a matter of time before they become a household name in the Electronic music industry. 

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