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Check Out Feeling Good By Paul Farrin

Paul Farrin’s latest release ‘Feeling Good’ is a unique take on the legendary 1965 hit. Having kept the iconic vocals of the one and only Nina Simone, the producer pairs it with bright chords and an upbeat percussion dance underneath. After a careful, tentative build up the tune is then filled with warm synths, a pumping kicks and more of Nina’s soulful ad-libs.

Paul has managed to create a bassline that keeps you hooked and your toes tapping throughout. ‘Feeling Good’ provides nothing but good vibes and a closer look into Paul’s wealth of talent and skills as he has turned this world-renowned song into something fresh and new whilst still giving a nod to the original.

Having impressed with releases such as ‘Silent’, and ‘Yip Man’, Paul Farrin has been plugging away with every release better than the last. He has also built a name for himself for his incredible remixes of fan-favourite tracks such as Jonas Aden’s ‘Late At Night’, SIYder & Ben Chaverin’s ‘The Key’ and Mason & Jem Cooke’s ‘Drowning In Your Love’.

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