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Check Out New Track From Lukas Innemann ‘No ID’

Lukas Innemann’s newest release is called ‘No ID’ due for release on the German record label Tbkz Media. Starting things off with bright chords, you are met with a catchy vocal that begins to tell a story of love and heartbreak that will have you singing along with the tune instantly. Behind the melancholic lyrics is a classic EDM beat full of synthy goodness and a choppy chorus to really get the track going.

‘No ID’ is the perfect blend between an emotional ballad and an insanely infectious dance anthem. This release certainly wouldn’t be out of place on the radio. in the club or even on a headline festival stage. The vocals in ‘No ID’ are reminiscent of that 90’s boyband sound which makes the song even sweeter.

Lukas began his career back in 2016 and over the space of just 4 years he has gone on to achieve some incredible feats including a residency at the prestigious Prague dance mecca ‘Duplex’. Lukas started as a DJ first before learning the art of production where he spun tracks at huge events such as Metronome Festival and Prague Lives along with supporting legendary artists like Timmy Trumpet, KSHMR and R3hab.

Having released his debut production ‘Destiny’ back in 2019 shortly followed by ‘Heaven’, both music lovers and industry moguls have flocked to Lukas Innemann to catch a glimpse what he does next. With more releases like ‘No ID’ on the horizon Lukas is looking at a meteoric rise to the top.

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