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Clan Brude Unveils a New Progressive House Track ‘Visions Of How’

Clan Brude presents a new Progressive House track titled ‘Visions Of How’ through the label Mystery Freedom Records. Following the release of his latest production ‘Be My’, the talented music Producer is back with a new hard-hitting track that showcases his sound and skills, that explore the realms of House music, blending elements from Future House and Progressive House, to name some of the genres he experiments with, alongside his own VST instrumentation and sampling, his music has a signature trademark sound and style that stands out and provides its listeners with club-ready tracks that start the party, making his musical journey, one to follow closely. 

On this occasion, Clan Brude shares ‘Visions of How’, his latest track that is poised to follow the path of his previous releases, marking a new milestone in his music career. Pounding steady beat and a shimmering synth line open the track; filtered vocals and revved up synthlines make room for an uplifting and energetic release, as the rhythmic pads and sonic elements that join the mix, help create the rest of the evolving and captivating soundscape, while the resonant bassline and catchy vocal chops guide the rest of the listening journey. Layers of sequenced synths and lush pads follow the track till the end, ending on an energetic and refreshing note. 

This new release further proves why Clan Brude is a name to follow closely, as he continues to deliver powerful and first-class tracks that keep pushing his own boundaries, putting his name high on the list of Producers to watch out for. Don’t forget to follow Clan Brude across social media platforms to be updated on his latest releases and projects. 

‘Visions of How’ is out now via Mystery Freedom Records and available in all major online stores and leading streaming platforms. 

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