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Hotboxx Talks About The Process Behind His Hit Track ‘Azul’

Hotboxx is an experienced DJ and music producer hailing from Miami. With more than 10 years of experience mixing and producing music, his broad-ranging style and impressive sound has seen him perform at top venues like LMNT, Racket and Treehouse. 

His releases have made its way to top charts like Beatport’s Deep House Top 100, among others, finding new followers eager to enjoy his hard-hitting music and unmissable style and sound. Now, he introduced a new track in collaboration with DJ and music producer Flynn Nolan, the track ‘Azul’ came out via Blanco y Negro. 

We sat down with Hotboxx to learn more about the process behind this production. 

Hello Hotboxx, how are you?   

I am doing well, thank you. 

‘Azul’ is finally out, what inspired you to produce this track?  

This was another collab with my good friend Flynn Nolan, it was really something that came about when we found that main synth sound.  It was a very melancholic sound that made him and me think of a journey-type track, at the time we had been listening to a lot of artists that had this journey type melodic vibe and I think that played a big role.  This is a track that sat on the shelves for about 3 years before we decided to shop it but we are happy with the results so far! 

How did the collaboration with Flynn Nolan come about?  

He is someone I work with a ton, both of us are South Florida artists who have been working together for more than 5 years now. Definitely more to come with Flynn in the near future.  We actually have another release with Blanco y Negro that just came out on the 23rd of September with similar sexy, melodic vibes. 

What would you say each brought to the production of the song? 

We each contributed very evenly to this song I’d say.  Sometimes I tend to be a little more active on the melodic side and he handles a lot of the percussive elements, but on this track, we really went back and forth and both of us contributed evenly to both sides of elements, as well as layout and technical elements. 

Are there any specific musical or sonic influences for ‘Azul’?  

I would say a lot of influence came from releases on Anjuna deep at that time.  Both him and I were following that label closely and were definitely pushing to make something with that kind of sound, but of course with our own original influence as well. 

How long did it take you to produce the track? 

It only took about 4 sessions. I would say a total of 8-10 hours, but we did let the track sit for a while before really falling in love with it and starting to shop it around. We finished it but let it sit for over 2 years. 

How would you like to people to feel when they listen to the track? 

Like they want to dance but also let the melodies take them on a journey.  It’s really pensive music for getting into a zone, but I definitely think in the middle of a set, it can take a club on a melodic experience while still keeping everyone on their feet and dancing. 

What’s your favorite part of the track? 

The final build up, but I am a sucker for epic type journey build ups like this. 

What techniques or processes would you say help you keeping inspiration alive? 

I mean, I always try to challenge myself to use new synths, learn new processes within my DAW. Every new session these things will definitely keep me inspired.  But more than anything, just listening to new music and new artists always help keep me creative and inspired. 

What’s coming up for Hotboxx? 

A lot of great things on the way.  As mentioned above, ‘Calling’ the 2nd release with Blanco y Negro is out now, with very similar vibes to ‘Azul’.  This is also a collab between Flynn and myself.  I have a ton of music sitting on the shelves just waiting for the right label or opportunity to release, but there will be a ton of new music on the way from solo releases, to collabs.  And, of course looking forward to showcasing all these new music at various events, shows, etc., that I will, either be putting together myself, or joining in on the line up. 

Listen and buy ‘Azul’ now 

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