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Jacob Colon releases not one, but two insane House tracks this week!

Jacob Colon has been an artist rapidly on the rise. He has caught the attention of the industry and fans alike with his signature Latin-inspired House tunes and his brand new weekly radio show ‘Made To Move’. The show was initially a lockdown project that has now flourished into a fully-fledged broadcasted with a solid base of loyal listeners.

‘Off The Boat’ and ‘Magic or Mystery’ were both released last Friday respectively on Robbie Rivera’s ‘Juicy Traxx’ and Aravaza Music. ‘Off The Boat’ is the epitome of what Jacob is known for with his insatiable Latin grooves that transport you to a sunny beach, sipping on a cocktail. The track is the perfect form of escapism right now. Showing off his skills, Jacob provides a tidal wave of different rhythms and melodies providing good vibes and the urge to move your feet.

Listen to ‘Off The Boat’ here:

‘Magic or Mystery’ is also another stunning addition to Jacob’s ever-growing discography as again he impresses with his funky beats and afro-house stylings. Jacob manages to capture both magic and mystery with this release and he is joined by the incredible vocal stylings of Jeff Stephans who is another standout feature to the track.

Check out ‘Magic or Mystery’ here:

We have been playing both of these tracks on repeat and cant wait to see what Jacob comes out with next!

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