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Lenell Brown teams up with Chris Dahlberg & Pepe Cano to release ‘Turn It Up’

Rising dance sensation Chris Dahlberg has teamed up with fellow producer Pepe Cano to create ‘Turn It Up’ which is a bright club track with dashes of old school and traditional instrumentation. The constant build of excitement from the intro leads up to a bassy house-like drop that will get you up and dancing.

Keeping with the punchy bassline, the track is taken to the next level completely with the introduction of resident Clipper’s Sounds vocalist Lenell Brown who adds his signature flair to ‘Turn It Up’ with vocal adlibs and renowned soulful tones. Bringing the romanticism to the track his lyrics as always, are heartfelt yet interesting. Lenell’s career has gone from strength to strength as his talents have been in demand from producers such as Robbie Rivera and The Zombie Kids.

If you’re looking for an upbeat, feel-good tune to vibe to, then look no further than this incredible trio of talent.

‘Turn It Up’ is out now on Spain’s favourite dance label Clipper’s Sounds.


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