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Quickfire Interview with Toma Hawk

Toma Hawk’s career has spanned over 25 years where he has meticulously developed his craft and style and over that time have created some incredible Techno tracks including ‘Build Love’ and ‘Inside Out’. We caught up with the Techno expert to ask him some quickfire questions.


DJ’ing or producing?

 Both; first producing and then rock the floor with it!


Clubs or festivals?

 Festival and after in the club.


Favourite artist?

Everybody is different and master in this what they do.


Cooking or making music? 

Cook music 😊


Day parties or night parties?

 From day to night!


All-time favourite track?

 OMG – Narayan – The Prodigy


Best DJ set you’ve ever seen?

 1000 good sets with 1000 different unforgettable moments


Career highlight?

 Laughing, freaking out Crowd on the dancefloor


Biggest inspiration?

 Dalai Lama – for his inner peace of mind


Goals for 2020?

 Inspire even more people with my music and make them happy


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