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Sir Ivan Releases Electrifying Dance Gem ‘Peace On Earth’ to Provide Aid for the State of Israel

Sir Ivan presents his latest production, ‘Peace On Earth’: a captivating and vibrant track poised to take over dancefloors with its driving melodies and powerful beats. Known as Peaceman, a credit to his charitable efforts, Sir Ivan releases this newest single in response to the current state of conflict faced by the State of Israel; with all proceeds from the release to be donated to provide aid and support, it is admirable acts such as this that continually cement Sir Ivan as one of the foremost philanthropists, both within the music industry and beyond.   

Rooted in the very core of Sir Ivan’s creative motivation is his compassionate desire to help; with every release, this Artist shows himself as a unique presence within Electronic Music, choosing to donate proceeds from his productions to causes close to his heart. This determined loyalty to give back led Sir Ivan to set up his own non-profit charity, The Peaceman Foundation. As his music tackles concepts like universal peace and love, Sir Ivan ensures that the meaning engrained within his productions translates into tangible positive effects outside the studio, offering all proceeds from every release to his charity. Now, with his latest single, Sir Ivan ensures that his music continues to have a broad and lasting impact: a cause with deep, personal connections for the Artist, having come from a family with a long history of supporting Israel and the son of Auschwitz survivor Siggi B.Wilzig, the support he offers to Israel at this time is a credit to his status as an influential advocate needed by both the world and the Dance music industry during times of crisis.  

‘Peace On Earth’ delivers a hypnotic and energetic listen that makes it unmissable for fans of Sir Ivan. Featuring thumping beats, driving rhythmic elements, bouncy synth lines, and a powerful bassline, the track guides listeners through its hard-hitting soundscape, invigorating them with bold vocal hooks and intensifying risers. Building into a mighty-sounding mix, ‘Peace On Earth’ is an alluring auditory journey; with an intense vibe, the track brings high energy to its listeners, effortlessly summoning them to join the party.  

As he strikes back with another smash production, Sir Ivan affirms his place once more as an impressive talent within the Electronic Music realm, one whose charitable efforts solidify him as both a unique force and an important trailblazer within the genre. So, be sure to follow him across social media to stay up-to-date on his releases and upcoming projects. ‘Peace On Earth’ is out now and available in all major online stores and leading streaming platforms. With a cause so in need of support, we urge you to make this single one that you purchase. 


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