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Unveiling Drunk & Play: A Journey Through Sound and Groove

Emerging from the dense landscape of Electronic Music there is an Artist, one whose refreshing energy, captivating sound, and dynamic presence are sure to be being felt across the genre; with a unique sonic identity and a hypnotising charisma, Drunk & Play appears as this figure. A rising star within Electronic Music, the Producer and DJ is shining bright as he continues to embark on his fascinating musical journey; persistent in his desire to bring sonically surprising soundscapes to his listeners and driven by his dedication to being different, Drunk & Play is seemingly unfailing in his pursuit of innovation and revolution. It is this enthusiastic motivation to carve out an influential prominence within the genre that continues to mark Drunk & Play as a powerful force on the scene.  

The project, Drunk & Play, was founded by the talented Lúcio Merçon; starting as just an idea in 2016, Drunk & Play has since become one of the most exciting talents within Electronic Music, standing out as an original presence. Having developed a high-quality sound, one that is fundamentally energetic to its core, Drunk & Play has elevated the energy within Electronic Music, ensuring his mark on the genre will leave a lasting impact. As he firmly establishes himself within Tech House, Drunk & Play continues to deliver dynamic productions infused with funky rhythms, groovy details, and thumping beats; characteristic to his sound, the colourful and fresh sonic personality engrained within his music appears as a reflection of his energetic personality. With such a captivating approach to music production, it is no surprise that Drunk & Play’s music has garnered support from top genre VIPs like Michael Bibi, Cloonee, and Mochakk; as he continues to gain a following across the globe, it will only be a matter of time before Drunk & Play climbs even higher on the list of creative innovators within Electronic Music. 

When he takes to the stage, Drunk & Play is mesmerising; electrifying in energy and powerful in sonic delivery, his live sets are something to behold. Seemingly at home behind the decks, Drunk & Play appears as a master of live DJing. With a talent that has seen him taking to stages across Brazil, setting dancefloors ablaze as he curates carefully constructed mixes, infusing them with his infectious sound and mighty-sounding production style, Drunk & Play is a live DJ that should be on every genre lover’s radar.  

As he promises to keep striving towards sonic ingenuity, Drunk & Play is sure to keep impressing, dropping productions that never fail to deliver powerful energy and giving performances that promise to get the dancefloor moving each and every time. So, make sure to keep an eye out for this skilled Producer and DJ, as he’s a talent you don’t want to miss. 


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