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Interview: Behind the scenes of ‘Shame’ with Megan Kashat

Singer, Dancer, Producer, Artist. Megan Kashat has already had quite the entertainment career; she now spends her time focusing on her music career as a vocalist and songwriter and has huge success with her first solo track titled ‘Shame’. Find out a bit more about the song in our interview with Megan.

1. Tell us the story behind ‘Shame’?

Shame is a song about a personal awakening; a shift that happened in my universe after a mentally abusive relationship that lasted 9 years. It’s a cordial F.U. This person would constantly punish me for my wrongdoings, and I would fight back and then propitiate. I went to every extreme to be accepted, I even gave up music for 3 years because it made him uncomfortable to see me in the spotlight. I tried to lessen myself to compliment his insecurities. It was the most degrading experience of my life.

After going through extensive measures to change myself hoping I’d better suit his needs, I found a spiritual practice that led me to God. As I dug deeper into the practice I found myself, and the truth was staring me in the face. He was not who he said he was. In the end, it was this very experience that took me to spiritual heights and a level of mental consciousness I never before imagined to be possible. He did me the biggest favour. I operate on a different plane now. The lyrics in the song are very literal. “I’m sorry for you baby, what a shame.”

2. Where did you gain inspiration from for this track?

I’m always inspired to write. I can write about anything really. If it happened, I can tell the story. Especially in a situation like this when I’m emotionally connected to the degree that I was. I was really inspired by the beat when I heard it, and the words and melodies flowed naturally from there.

3. How would you describe ‘Shame’ for those who have not heard it yet?

It’s a powerful track if you really listen to the lyrics, and it’s accompanied by the perfect beat. There’s a sense of mystery in the music, which allowed me to put an extra emotional flavour on the vocals. It’s a strong and expressive record.

4. Have you got any top tips for songwriting?

Don’t think about it. When you’re thinking you’re not writing, when you’re writing you’re not thinking. Just put it down, worry about how it sounds later. Let it come from God. Don’t judge yourself, and be honest.

5. Where did you record ‘Shame’?

I recorded in Detroit at Audio Café Recording Studio, but a good friend Roelbeat who is in Moscow, Russia did the production. I always record at Audio Café when I am in Detroit; it is my favourite studio to work out of. I highly recommend it for any artist in the city.

6. Whose input do you trust the most when releasing new music?

I usually trust my engineer Tom, but most importantly I just trust myself. I don’t get into opinions or share my work with many people prior to the release. If it’s collaboration then that is a different story because I want the composer or producer to feel like what I’ve created is a matching expression for his side as well, and something we can both be proud of. Other than that I seek my own counsel.

7. Did you have any struggles making this track?

I did. I was working a job nearly 90 hours a week at the time. I was driving to work when I received the track and I spent the day with one headphone in my ear and my notes app opened in my iPhone. The next day I had it written. I got off work 9 PM after having been there since 8 in the morning and headed to the studio where I was recording until about till 2 AM tracking vocals and mixing. I grew extremely ill from being overworked and ended up in the hospital the following night. I think spiritually I was conflicted because I knew I needed to be writing and recording, but I was stuck in a commitment that was a counter intention to my goals and dreams. In the end, I’m very happy with the product and learned a great lesson from it.

8. How would you compare this track to some of your other releases?

I wouldn’t compare it. It’s entirely different from anything I’ve ever done. This is the first solo track I’ve released under my real name, Megan Kashat, and it’s my first solo track in dance music. I think all of my other work was just leading me up to this point, a practice run.

9. You released ‘Shame’ with No Smoking Records, are there any other labels you would love to work with in the future?

Armada and Ultra have been lifelong dreams for sure. Spinnin’ Records and Ministry of Sound are influential as well. But aside from the obvious majors, I would really love to work with Buddha Bar; I love everything they put out. I’m currently in search for a Middle Eastern EDM label that’s strong in the game. I want to collaborate with my people who have the same goals and the same roots. I think that would be a beautiful and powerful experience because the interest in dance music coming from an Arab background is a rarity. I haven’t found them yet, but I know they’re out there.

10. Is there any more music we can look forward to hearing from you?

Of course! I am working on several collaborations right now with multiple producers. I have a beautiful new track with my friend Yunus Durali that we just finished titled, “Loyes.” You can expect that soon. I also have two upcoming releases titled “Run” & “Give It All.” Lastly my EP, A Dirty Deed For Fame. Lots of new music to look forward to!

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